Why is Josh Brolin Suddenly a Hot Commodity on Hollywood?

You probably noticed after reading the headline that indeed it looks like you are seeing Josh Brolin everywhere these days. Your perception is not that wrong; the guy starred in three very expected blockbusters this summer. First off, we got to see him as the power-mad Titan Thanos in Avengers - Infinity War; then we got to see him as the counter figure of Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. Playing a badass character name Cable (who has one of the most complicated backstories in X-Men lore ever in the comics) Last, but least we get to see him as a CIA black OPS guy in Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado.

But where does this guy comes from? Why his face feels so familiar?

Those questions are easy to answer: Josh is one of the good old-fashioned “working actors” of Hollywood. A label especially created for those guys who you see on almost every show or film you get on repeat and instantly recognize but that somehow doesn’t manage to quite make it to stardom. That was Josh status since he started in the business at the tender age of 17.

Coming from a background related to the industry, Josh was born a son to James Brolin another working actor that appeared regularly on TV shows and films such as Batman ’66, Marcus Welby M.D, and the Amityville Horror, and to Jane Cameron Agee a casting director. Josh would go to grow up on a ranch in Paso Robles, California.

Josh went through all the phases that the youth of the 80’s usually needed to experience until he scored his first big role as the jock brother in the now classic “The Goonies.” His life after that role was nothing sort of a roller coaster according to the actor who has no secrets about his personal life but still manages to keep private what should be kept that way.

The Professional in Front of the Camera

That’s the role that Josh wants everyone to know about, and that’s why he’s so motivated by his craft. As a working actor, Josh had the chance to play some of the most complex characters ever put on films as well as some of the most menial and superficial ones too. He scored a big role on the cult classic “The Mod Squad” to later disappear in an array of TV shows and films that very few people remember until the late 2000’s.

2007 brought some luck to him with big roles in “American Gangster,” “W.” and “Milk,” a film that led him to score his first Oscar Nomination. But his work that year was the film that defined his career according to the actor: he played a literal schmuck on “No Country for Old Men” by the Cohen Brothers. While Josh didn’t get any awards for that particular role, it made him a household name that was being called all over the place to have roles offered to him.

The slump seemed to hit him again with less than memorable roles in films such as the Sequel to Wall Street, Jonah Hex (his first comic book role), and True Grit. 2012 brought him into the spotlight again with a shared role with Tommy Lee Jones in the last sequel of Men in Black. He was also cast as Thanos, the most powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a role that we would not see him play at his fullest until 2018.

The Secret for Staying at the Top – Josh is showcasing it at Plain View

When Josh Brolin is asked about his resume of films he keeps his answers very real, very much like his Instagram feed, one that he handles by himself, with no need of social media agencies exalting his best qualities or selling a fake image of what he is. Josh Brolin has managed to become a hot commodity on Hollywood because he keeps himself grounded in reality.

The man is far from perfect and he’s well aware of it, he’s been married three times. He will also be the one to admit up front that he’s doesn’t make the smartest choices about his acting all the time. Yet he refuses to play the script of the Hollywood stereotype. He has made a lot of money by now, even securing a steady paycheck for years to come since signing a multipicture deal with both Marvel Studios and Fox to play Thanos and Cable.

But Josh Brolin still lives in a little house in California near the beach where he and his wife can go and surf each time they feel like. Their place is filled with pottery made by his mother because he is the kind of guy that truly appreciates those details. The man who couldn’t get a meaningful role in his early 20’s now has an assistant that reminds him of his appointments, and while he’s grateful for having the chance to keep himself occupied at his 50 years, he longs for some time to just take a breath and enjoy the little things.

The Working Actor who made it – Facing the Future

Josh makes it clear on every interview he offers that he’s not aware of the future and he’s up for all kinds of surprises. After all, his third wife just announced her pregnancy (the couple’s first kid and Josh’s third).  Maybe he has the right formula for happiness? We really can’t tell since this is such a subjective topic for everyone, but sure are enjoying his movies and we can’t wait to see him reprise the powerful roles he premiered in 2018.

Coming in 2019 we’ll get to see him don the Infinity Gauntlet one more time in conclusion to the Avengers saga. We’ll also see him co-star with megastar Jessica Chastain in a biopic related to western icons George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Do these films will be hits or misses? Josh surely doesn’t know, but he hopes that you enjoy the experience as much as he enjoys making films for your entertainment.